Due created Department of Internal Medicine Mansoura University Hospital in 1965 and was working the department and teacher Demonstrator and resident doctor (total 3) and teaches 80 students and Section includes 75 beds.

Until 2003 he became section includes (30) Professor - (14) Assistant Professor - 45 teachers - 59 Assistant Lecturer and Demonstrator - 49 resident doctor (total 197) and became the number of beds 110 beds and only the department taught for a number of more than 3400 students annually (for years the fourth The fifth and sixth).

The section serves initially city of Mansoura and some centers surrounding census of no more than million people and given his section of the experiences of multiple disciplines Medicine stretched Services Section therapeutic to include Dakahlia Governorate and neighboring provinces, but has spread to all provinces Delta and channel but included some southern provinces including more than 8 million people

The hospital established in accordance with the decision of the University Council No. 246 dated January 31, 1995

The Hospital is include:

The main Buliding

Five floors on 2500 m2 area, 120 beds.

The Ground Floor  include:

  • Outpatients Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Managerial rooms
  • Computer
  • Meeting room
  • Laboratories
  • Blood bank 
  • Kitchen
  • Cafeteria



        The First Floor Include:

  • Managerial rooms
  • Radiology Departement
  • Laboratories Departement
  • Endoscopies Unit
  • Conferences & Meeting Room


The second Floor Include:

  • 33 beds for Cardiovascular patients
  • 8 beds for Hotels
  • 7 beds for intensive care
  • 7 beds for  intermediate care beds .
  • Teaching rooms for students

 The Third Floor Include:

  • 44 beds for Gastroentrology & Hepatology  patients
  • 14 beds Hotels
  • 7 beds for intensive care.

The fourth Floor Include:

  • 44 beds for Diabetes and Endocrinology  patients
  • 14 beds Hotels
  • 6 beds for intensive care.

Management Building



  Four floors on 500 m2 area.

The Ground floor Include:

  • Electricity transformers & engines
  • Workshop
  • Electricity Boards
  • Store.

The First Floor Include:

  • Managerial room
  • Cafeteria for doctors & employees.

 The Second Floor Include:

  • Managerial room
  • Lodging rooms for doctors .

The Third Floor Include:

  • Lodging rooms for doctors and guests.
  • Teaching rooms for students

Teaching rooms for students equipped with Data Show

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Contact Us

Mansoura,  Elgomhoria st, Mansoura University, Specialized Medical Hospital, 35516

Tel.: 050 2234095 050 2230278
Fax:  050 2230129
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.