First: Return therapeutic

Providing curative and preventive services through:

  1. Field and Field Studies
  2. Study the surrounding environment to identify the causes of various diseases and the effect of environmental factors on disease and disease progression.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases that fall within the scope of specialization.
  4. Follow health Almredyoraithm.


 Second: Return of the educational and training


  1. Teaching for college students in various stages of education starting from the third year that the sixth year.
  2. Teaching and training of resident doctors in the department and various other sections Mansoura Faculty of Medicine and hospitals.
  3. Teaching and training of graduate students.
  4. Interns training.
  5. Training doctors delegates from different authorities (Ministry of Health - the armed forces - Health Insurance)
  6. Do the various applied research and practical field so as to indicate the impact of the environment on the disease and selecting the most appropriate methods for diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Preventive treatment for particular diseases related to the environment.
  8. In addition, the hospital will add new dimensions to the Subspecialties and Altyizawlha Anesthesia was allowed place did not design the current location of the hospital the old fit to practice such activities by using modern scientific means such as genetic engineering Bougeha different in diagnosis and treatment and the development of modern types of treatment Khashalmtalqh disease environment .

 Third: Return of the material

  1. It is in the following order to improve the service and future development.
  2. Treatment paid by 20% of the available family
  3. some outpatient services will be provided with pay.
  4. Receipts some training courses.
  5. Receipts some scientific conferences.
  6. Proceeds can be collected from graduate students for the Egyptians coming from abroad in these subspecialties.
  7. This center may provide specialist travel costs and the treatment of some citizens abroad with the knowledge that he had taken into account in the design of the new hospital provide appropriate places to provide these services different disciplines on perfectly.

 Fourth: Return intangible

Includes the following:

  1. Reputable scientific medical excellence
  2. Encourage tourism conferences, seminars and training courses as well as medical tourism.
  3. Activity information and cultural awareness of the citizens.


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